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I'm gonna miss this guy
Published on July 21, 2007 By OckhamsRazor In Work
Jason Hanna...I don't know if you'll ever see this, but here is your tribute, buddy.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Kort, my real name is Steve, and for the past year I have had the honor to run what is possibly the most successful rock band in the history of Navy music, because yes, though it seems odd to many, being a musician in the US Navy is actually a job - it's my job, and it's Jason Hanna's job.

I first met Jason while stationed in Newport, Rhode Island. He's a trumpet player, specializes in jazz, and has a sound best described as Chet Bakeresque. I never really got to know him there because he was in the jazz band, and I, as usual, was running a rock band. But last year, things changed. "Flagship" was born, and I requested of my superiors that Jason be a part of it. Probably one of my smarter moves ever.

This is a no nonsense guy that gets the job done without complaining. As he'd tell you himself, what is there to complain about? You play music all day and get free medical. But believe me folks, some do gripe. Aside from being no nonsense, he has some strange unexplainable charisma, probably just from being "real," that spreads in an infectious way to everyone he works with. I requested him because I knew he'd be the Ace up my sleeve. He delivered, in spades - no pun intended.

6 days from now, Jason transfers. His absence not only from my particular group, but from our command as a whole, will be felt. He's been a stellar motivator, friend, mentor, player, and team mate. Jason, I know we aren't done yet...you're my bro and always shall be. But it doesn't mean I'm (we're) not going to miss the hell out of you.

Thanks for everything you've done for me and Flagship. It's been one helluva run. There will always be an empty seat for you at the Hot Table.

Speaking for Chris (drums), Brian (guitar), Charlie (bass/vocals), Gerry (alto sax/vocals), Jojo (tenor sax/vocals), Sarah(vocals), and myself(keys/vocals):

We love ya man.
Ciao Bello.

on Jul 21, 2007

That was one thing about the Marines I hated with a passion, seeing guys I loved dearly given orders to ship to another duty station.

I feel your pain ock.

on Jul 21, 2007
Actually, Sabrina, I wound up printing this out. My wife cooked up a HUGE spread, and we had a party at his house tonight. Everyone in the band signed the print out. He found it far more delightful than the standard picture of some bay in Naples with everyone in the command signing - most of whom he didn't know. Or honestly...he knew them but had no real care for them.

It was a very personal thing, and he dug it.

As far as YouTube vids and such...I wish. Some of the moments I've shared with this band are fucking priceless...you'd love all these folks if you met them. But unfortunately, there's no documentation. I'll consider that in the future.

That was one thing about the Marines I hated with a passion, seeing guys I loved dearly given orders to ship to another duty station.

Thanks for that thought, MM. I appreciate it.

on Jul 23, 2007
Great tribute! YOu dont often see a trumpet in a Rock band, but it sure does not hurt them.  Sorry to see him go.  Do you have any cuts on the web we could listen to?
on Jul 23, 2007
Actually, when Sabrina asked the same question, I started to think. There DOES exist a video of our very first performance. I have asked the guy that recorded it to bring it in to me. Probably won't be top shelf, but it's something.

I go to Cannes, France tomorrow for a few days. Will hopefully have it, be able to edit out a few choice selections, and post in the near future.