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Thank People
Published on July 8, 2009 By OckhamsRazor In Religion

I Facebook a lot.  And I have a lot of old friends who are diehard Christians.  I love them, just the same, but at times I become perturbed.


Here's the scenario.  Multiple facebook friends had significant others in surgery at the same time.  They all thanked God for their successful surgeries.  Ok, that's fine.  But something was missing.


Do you know how freaking long it takes to become a surgeon?  Have you ANY idea what is required to be learned for someone to perform surgery?  Where are the thanks for them?  THEY are the ones that performed the surgery.  THEY are the ones who studied the techniques required to perform the surgery.  Where is the thanks for those people?


Now a lot of people would say "Well, if it weren't for God delivering that training and inspiring those people to help, then no help would be forthcoming.  It's because God wants them to survive that they do."


Really?  Well try this.  Next time you have a family member that needs extreme medical care, take them to a priest, not a doctor, and I'll believe you are sincere.  In fact, since you have such faith in your invisible man, then cross streets with your eyes closed.  Not because you are testing God, which is conveniently against the "law," but just because you believe so strongly.  You aren't going to get run over, right?  And if you do, it's God's will!

on Jul 10, 2009


on Jul 11, 2009

A husband and wife in Austraslia did these recently to their daughter. She died after they killed her by refusing to give her medical attention.

I'd rather religious people be ungrateful hypocrites who fuck with their kids' minds, than murderers who fuck with their kids' lives.