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October 6, 2008 by OckhamsRazor
I've been reading a lot of articles on this election thing.  Man, there's plenty of them.  And there seem to be five types of people.


1.  Liberal whackos who would vote liberal if a convicted serial killer was running on the democratic ticket.

2.  Conservative whackos who would do the same exact thing in reverse.

3.  People who are voting republican because they can't stand democratic ideology.

4.  People who are voting Democrat for the same re...
August 30, 2008 by OckhamsRazor
My wife spoke to me yesterday over skype chat.  She's in San Diego right now picking up two of our zoo (cats) that have been staying with her parents there.  She's the one that gave me the news that McCain/McSame/McLame/ oh go on...you guys fill in the blanks....had picked a female for his VP.


I pissed my pants laughing.  Very clever.  VERY funny.


You see, I am no longer delusional about the government serving me.  The government has no interest...
October 6, 2007 by OckhamsRazor
Hiya folks. I have just returned from a 6 day tour on the island of Cyprus where I was honored to play American rock, pop, hip-hop for Cyprian lads and lasses in several high schools. It's part of a cultural exchange hosted by the American Embassy there. My recruiter wasn't kidding - I AM an ambassador for foreign countries. And damn proud of it.

Last year, a different group that is part of the Commander Naval Forces Europe Band went to Cyprus. After they had set up to play, a guy approa...
September 18, 2007 by OckhamsRazor
RFID. That's what they're called. These are tiny microchips that can track what you buy, where you buy it, where you are, etc...etc...

I recently watched a popular net video called "Zeitgeist: The Movie." You can google it for yourself. The movie is fairly anti-Bush, going so far as to point out that Prescott Bush, the grandfather of our preseident and the father of our ex-president was a financier of the Nazi party. Ok, it's Michael Moorish - admitted.

The movie was in three parts ...
August 31, 2007 by OckhamsRazor
Don't take my tone here as ascerbic as it reads. I don't intend it that way. To quote George Carlin, "I just get pissed, goddammit!"

I see it every election year. Somebody suggests that if you don't vote, you have no right to complain about what happens next. And quite frankly, I'm about sick of it.

Listen, folks - picking hemlock over curare doesn't improve your chances any. I do NOT vote. I don't vote because I think we've outgrown our current system and that politicans are absolut...
July 13, 2007 by OckhamsRazor
Oh those crazy Cat addicts. They're up to it again. You know...the Cat-holics, though I've seen it written without the hyphen a lot. Catholics. Anyway....

Let's talk Divine Inspiration for a moment. Supposedly the Pope is divinely inspired to bring the word of God to the non-popes of the world. (That's you and me) And since he (she? LMAO - NOT!) has "Papal Infallibility," it should be fairly fool proof. If you're not sure what that is, let me, between fits of giggles, fill you in. I...
August 18, 2005 by OckhamsRazor
This was sent to me by a friend. It's making its way around the net I suppose, so you may have already seen it. I rather like it, and so I'm sharing with you all.


My Fellow Americans:
As you all know, the defeat of the Iraq regime has been completed.

Since congress does not want to spend any more money on this war, our mission in Iraq is complete.

This morning I gave the order for a complete removal of all American
forces from Iraq. This acti...